Removing rust from a sword- How to do that?

Does your Damascus steel sword has rust on it? It is true that any of steel swords, they do have this propensity that they acquire rust on them easily and quickly. You need to maintain your swords regularly so that they might not get a rust on their blades as well as on their surfaces. If you will neglect the cleaning and polishing area of your swords then rust present on them will be difficult to remove. Here we are sharing rust removal methods and techniques with our readers. You can use chemical cleaning kits or household acid cleaning method, you can carry out abrasive cleaning to clean your swords.

Cleaning Swords by Using Chemical Cleaning Kits

You can use few mild in form chemical cleaning solutions to clean your swords. These solutions can easily remove light kind of surface rust, dirt from your swords. These sword cleaning kits are too available online. You can get them from specialty cutlery shops. To get metal cleaning solutions, you can buy them from auto parts stores or from the hardware stores. Just apply small quantity of solution to your sword and then you can rub that solution lightly so that rust can be removed. Take a paper towel and clean your sword.

Cleaning and Polishing Swords by Using Household Acid Removal

You can even make use of acids in order to remove rust from your expensive swords.While applying acids, you should remain slowly in your application. Apply acid with much care on your sword. You can apply lemon juice on the affected surface of your sword with the help of a paper towel. Let the acid to remain there on your sword for several days so that this stubborn rust can be removed for good.

Other Cleaning Techniques to Clean Swords

Take a steel brush and apply oil on your sword. You can use a steel wool as well. It is one of the common techniques for the removal of light surface rust from your swords. Just apply this small and little amount of oil right onto the rusted surface and then rub it by using a steel wool. Do this process until you see that light rust has been completely removed. If you will rub rusty steel by using a piece of aluminum foil or be it copper foil along with water then you will see that rust will be eliminated from your sword and it will also not put scratches on your harder steel sword blade.

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